Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

What if you could wake up every morning, make your favorite espresso at anywhere and anytime? With this smart portable espresso maker, you can definitely DIY fresh espresso for yourself and your families with just a little effort.

Whether you sleep in a tent, a hotel bed, or at home, this smart portable espresso maker has you covered for your ritual morning cup. Forget the pot they call coffee in the office break room. Enjoy an espresso, or two, in the time it takes standing in line at the coffee shop, at a fraction of the cost.

It is powered by a semi-automatic piston that protrudes from the device. Simply pump it over a short period of time to produce 8 bars of espresso, a shot of espresso just like what a commercial espresso machine would make. No electricity is needed to power the device!

  • Easy to use, easy to carry
  • The smallest, lightest and the most universal italian coffee maker
  • It doesn´t need electricity, only pressing you can get a tasty coffee
  • Modern and sleek design. It contains a clever semi-automatic piston that controls the amount of extract of coffee.

Enjoy your coffee everywhere!

Height: 196mm
Upper diameter: 55mm
Lower diameter: 58mm
Capacity coffee powder: 10g
Water capacity: 140ml

Pressure: 8bar
Material: Plastic PP Stainless Steel 304 Silicone



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