GoPro Mouth Mount

This device is the perfect travel companion on your adventures!

Breathable mouthpiece and bite support for super stable footage Whether you’re surfing, diving or whatever you practise, this Mouth Mount lets you capture all the action with your GoPro camera while giving you the freedom of movement you need. The Mouth Mount provides air through the side air intake, allowing you to complete your shots effortlessly and comfortably. Or just use the Mouth Mount as a hand grip for added stability! • Big air channel for easy breathing

The free flow breathing channel ensures that no matter how heavy the session or how hard you are breathing; there is never a sensation of not getting enough air.

Neck Lanyard included to keep your GoPro close

Attach the backdoor floaty to your GoPro case for added stability, and your camera won’t sink if you drop it. Or clip the leash to your wetsuit zipper, and attach the other end to the mouth mount, so it won’t become disconnected from you.

• Best design for comfort and long-lasting use Compatible with all GoPro models Packaging: 1 x Mouth Bite Mount 1 x Neck Lanyard 1 x Floaty + 3M sticker 1 x Knob Screw



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